The method of gradual assisted reduction (GAR®) has a double edge. One is the gradual reduction of the smoked nicotine, the other learning to live without desiring the tobacco.

The GAR® method of Dr. Fum has a video game structure, but is not a game. You will have to overcome more than eight tests, resting one day between each of them. With these eight tests, we pretend to define scheduled periods in which you will try to refrain from smoking and will be able to estimate the difficulties that arise. In each test, we will manage to reduce the number of nicotine receptors so that the difficulty will be increasingly less. During the tests Dr. Fum will send you messages of encouragement and give you tips to overcome difficult moments. Do not worry if you need more than one attempt to overcome some test, or if you prefer to repeat it to cope harder with the next. As each person smokes differently, Dr. Fum will be adapted to your pace.

To have overcome a test means

  • a) Learning. During the eight tests, the different circumstances in which appear the temptations of smoking can be evaluated, and you can learn how to overcome them (learning to prevent relapses). Dr. Fum will give you some ideas.
  • b) A decrease in physical dependence, reducing the number of nicotinic receptors, which are ultimately responsible for the withdrawal syndrome.
  • c) A victory, that will motivate us to overcome the following test.

The day of rest between tests allows one to think about your progress without too much stress (you can smoke), the importance of the process undertaken and to identify the difficult moments and look for alternatives. You may be surprised by how little you feel like smoking and how much you have become used to this. The complementary use of non-nicotinic medication (varenicline or bupropion) significantly decreases the difficulty of overcoming each test, but is not essential. Consult your doctor. The process usually takes about three weeks, which will be needed not only to have overcome the withdrawal syndrome, but also to learn to live without needing to fill your lungs with smoke. The day you have overcome the eight tests you will be prepared. It will be your "D" day, the beginning of a new life. Enjoy it!!

1. The presence of nicotine in the brain makes the number of nicotine receptors grow.

2. These receptors activated by nicotine, produce dopamine which creates a pleasant sensation.If nicotine suddenly disappears, the receptors hungry for nicotine produce withdrawal syndrome.

3&4. Gradual reduction allows the neuroadaptation of the receptors by regulating its number to nicotine levels.

Below you will find the detailed description of each one of the tests.

The first test consists of four hours without smoking
It’s not too difficult.
It usually starts at 10am until 2pm. This period allows smoking before 10am, permitting to smoke the first cigarette after breakfast, and also allows smoking after lunch, often the most difficult cigarettes to avoid.
Write down a list of all the reasons you have to quit smoking and save it.
However, and being in the first test, you will experience times when tempted to light a cigarette and do not know how to overcome it. Read the tips of Dr. Fum, you will surely find one that may help you.
At the end of the test you may smoke, if you wish to. Revise and note the hard moments, look for ways of avoiding them.
If you’ve passed the first test, use the second day to prepare for the following. If not, do not despair, you will certainly succeed in the next attempt. If after three attempts you are not successful, consult your doctor. Non-nicotine medication (bupropion or varenicline) is a good adjunct to treatment.
Whether you’ve succeeded to pass the test or not, you can continue smoking for the day and even the next day (rest day). Do not be in a hurry. A very important process takes time.
The second test consists in remaining six hours without smoking
It brings new problems, as the famous "after meal cigarette".
The fact of knowing that at 4pm you will be allowed to smoke and a bit of willpower will help you to overcome the test successfully. Read the tips of the Dr. Fum to overcome the difficulties and to know possible alternatives to the difficult moments. Continue to write down the most complicated situations.
If you have not successfully overcome this test, you can smoke the rest of the day and during the following day, preparing yourself mentally to try again with success.
If you passed this second test you may smoke without feeling guilty, even during the next day (day of rest). There is no need to smoke more than you want. Think that the detoxification process is slow and gradually reduces the number of nicotinic receptors, which are those that produce dependence.
The third test, eight hours without smoking, from 10am to 6pm.
There will appear new situations, new problems requiring new solutions. You will learn not to smoke after eating. Avoid coffee and alcohol, giving up after-meal chats and brushing your teeth immediately after eating may be some tools to overcome difficult moments. Be sure to read the tips of Dr. Fum.
No matter if you need more than one attempt, in any case, leave a day before repeating the test. You must think that your physical dependence is slowly reducing, and that you are learning new skills to overcome moments of crisis.
The fourth test consists in remaining ten hours without smoking, from 10am to 8pm
Getting to this point is a success. The problems that will appear won’t be too different from those that have appeared so far, besides maybe now we know a little better how to address them. Review your notes. The following day, whether you have passed the test or not, make no effort for not smoking, but don’t do it as an obligation either. Probably, it is more the habit than the need or the pleasure, do not smoke if you don’t desire it. Think that at the end of this test we will have reached half of the process, perhaps the most difficult part.
The fifth test consists of 12 hours, from 10am to 10pm without smoking
It is quite a record! It is almost a full day if we add the hours of sleep.
This is a turning point in treatment. Your self-confidence to reach the goal increases. Now you can leave home without tobacco. You will not need it all day. At night, after 10pm, smoke if you like. Imagine leaving home without tobacco, what liberation!
Like in the previous tests, nothing happens if you do not succeed at the first time. It is a test and with a bit of determination you will achieve it without too many difficulties. Revise the moments of major difficulty and look for ways of overcoming them reading the tips of the Dr. Fum.
The following day rest, smoke the least and get ready for the next test.
The sixth test consists of 24 hours (from 10am to 10am) a full day without smoking!
Many people believe that if they can be one day without smoking, everything is done. Nothing is further from the truth! However, it is really an important milestone. In one day, we happen to live in many moments, some in which we don’t even think of smoking, others in which we would sell our soul to the devil for a drag. Fortunately, time flows inexorably, crises or "tug" are overcome and, with major or minor glory, at the end you will manage to spend 24 hours without smoking. We recommend you go to bed early.
Dr. Fum will always be with you to help. If you need more than one attempt, which is not uncommon, you must be prepared to get through a full day without smoking.
The seventh test, 48 hours without smoking. Two days!
At this point, we can assure that many changes have taken place, in your metabolism, in the nicotinic receptors, in your motivation, in your self-esteem, in your knowledge of skills to overcome difficult moments. Efforts have not been in vain. You are not the same person that started a few days of treatment. You are now ready to pass this test. Be strong. If you have managed to spend one day without smoking, why won’t you be able to spend two? Review the tips of Dr. Fum.
Take the day of rest coolly, keep the tobacco away from you, but if you desire it, smoke. And if after lighting up, you think that it does not satisfy you, do not hesitate to put it out, and throw away the butt. Probably, it will be your last day with tobacco.
Get ready for the last test.
The eighth test consists in remaining 72 hours, three days, without smoking
At this moment, this last test is just the latest trial of our new way of living. It is a kind of jump with a net, because you still may fail and have to repeat the test, but the treatment will not have failed at all. However, if you could get through one day without smoking in the seventh test, you can certainly get through another day. Think that if you succeed, you will be able to say loudly "I’ve quit smoking!" This is your "D" day.
The "D" day
This day is more important than it may seem at first sight. This day will mark a beginning and an end. Dr. Fum will try to help you enjoy your new life status and also that relapse does not occur. Read his tips and the benefits of quitting smoking.
From this day forward, you will start to notice that you feel much better. You will even be surprised at how quickly your body is grateful to you for stopping to intoxicate it. Review the "benefits of quitting smoking".

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