to the first application to quit smoking for iPhone, based on a successfully tested medical treatment.

What is different about the Doctor Fum treatment for stopping smoking?

Because it is a scientifically based medical treatment.
It is a method that uses gradual assisted reduction (GAR®), thus permitting a gradual reduction of the nicotinic receptors that actually produce the abstinence syndrome.
Because it is compatible with, even advisable in conjunction with, non-nicotinic medication.
Varenicline and bupropion are FDA-approved as drugs useful for stopping smoking (consult your doctor).
Because the method has been tested by a team that has been specialising successfully in addictions for a number of years now.
Dr. Fum is the personification of a team of doctors and psychologists with over 25 years’ experience treating addictions.
Because its video-game structure takes advantage of your competitive spirit.
The process consists in passing eight tests, between each one of which you may smoke.
Because Dr. Fum adapts to your own pace, depending on the difficulty you have.
Not everybody is the same kind of smoker, nor do we all start the process with the same motivation; each person has to take the time they need.
Because it works, even in the most difficult cases.
Long-term smokers, with great physical and psychological dependency, have managed to give up this toxic habit for good with Dr. Fum.
Because it does not just give advice.
The advice and tips we provide are strategies that have been used successfully with other patients to overcome difficult times.
Because it doesn’t just tell you how bad smoking is.
We prefer to be positive and explain the benefits of stopping smoking.
Because it doesn’t just tell us how much we would save by not smoking.
Money is important, but it’s nothing compared with the health we are going to recover.
Because it is not based on hypnosis.
Hypnosis, magic bracelets, and even acupuncture only work with people who are very open to suggestion. There is no scientific evidence for their effectiveness.

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